"People have asked why we want to purchase a small caravan which
we still looking for. We going to get it sprayed ORANGE by a pro spray
painter as a gift. We going to open up a mobile "Dignity Caravan" 
where the less fortunate can come for a haircut, a shave, razors 
and shaving cream supplied by us and brush their teeth, new brush 
and toothpaste supplied and a hot cup of coffee. We will then also
minister to them and carry the message of HOPE.

This will be revolutionary and anyone wanting to get involved
please contact us! Any business or person who donates to the 

"RAEL DIGNITY CARAVAN" will have your or company name sign
written with their permission on the caravan. The Caravan will travel
all over giving Recovering Addicts employment at the same time. 
All helping each other to help the less fortunate.
RAEL's books are audited... Gods Will be done."

Anthony Hall RAEL Founder/CEO RAEL Organization
info@rael.co.za / +27 715923165

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